Want some footage of your big day out, but not sure you want to hire a wedding videographer?

Why not video it Yourself?

Budget wedding videos by Video MomentsWant some footage of your big day but not sure you want to hire a wedding videographer?

Why not Shoot It Yourself?

We'll give you and your friends a high definition videocamera and show you how to video your big day to make it fun, exciting and totally original! Bring the camera and the tapes back to us and we'll make a totally bespoke Do It Yourself DVD that won't cost you a fortune.

There's no format to follow, no time limit to your filming and no stranger following you around all day. It'll be shot from the aisles as you glide by, the dinner tables as you tuck in and the dance floor as you bust out your first moves - even behind the scenes where no wedding videographer has gone before!

Plus we will insert your favourite photographs and music..We produce a DVD of all the best bits edited to favourite songs, plus chapters for the ceremony and speeches.

All of our wedding DVDs come with professional chapters with 10 different styles to chose from and can be as long or as short as you like.. Whether you want us to edit the whole ceremony, speeches and dancing or just the vows or none of it at all, it is completely up to you.

“But, most importantly, it'll be shot by the people who know you best, your mates!”

STEP 1: We meet you face to face to discuss your ideas for your wedding DVD and together
we'll devise a list of the shots we need to make that happen.

STEP 2: The day before the wedding call to collect the camera,tripod, lights and a quick instructional guide to the camera operating system, then you assign them to a responsible buddy who'll be your 'cameraperson' for the day.

STEP 3: After the wedding, bring the equipment to us and the tapes and we will get to work on making you a totally original DVD that will blow all other wedding videos out of the water!

We will even dub your favourite songs into the tape The equipment includes camera,tapes lights,batteries and tripod.It might not be beautifully framed and perfectly still, but that is what your photographer is there for AND with our expertise in the edit department, it'll be the wedding DVD that EVERYONE will want to watch....